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About Us

Founded in 2013, InnoServ Group has emerged as a dynamic digital consulting firm committed to driving digital excellence through niche expertise, community engagement, and lifelong learning. With a dedicated team, a network of five niche agencies and an ed-tech portal, we are at the forefront of the digital landscape.

With our focused vertical brands InnoServ Digital, CoBuzz, FMA Digital, and Kalzoom Advisors we have penetrated into Performance Marketing, Creative Employer Branding, Digital Consulting, and Digital Marketing. iSkillBox aims to diversify our presence in Corporate Training, Coaching and Mentoring, serving as a platform providing comprehensive lifelong learning to individuals. iAccelerate, the growth and advisory arm of InnoServ Group, aims to equip enterprises with expert guidance and dynamic growth resources. Our strategic initiatives include fostering robust communities within Academia (ASMA), Healthcare (ADMH), Human Resources (TheDigitalHR), and Entrepreneurs (SMX), enhancing our engagement and influence across these critical domains.

At the heart of InnoServ Group are over 100 gifted professionals, whose collective brilliance fuels our trajectory of success. With our headquarters in Pune, we have broadened our horizons to serve international clients, achieving both enduring growth and enhanced profitability. Our commitment to professionalism and community engagement positions us as pioneers and standard-bearers in the ever-evolving landscape of digital solutions.

Our Businesses

InnoServ Digital Digital Consulting for Automobile, Real Estate & SMB’s

InnoServ Digital is the flagship brand of InnoServ Group and is known as the leading 360 Degree

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FMA Digital Digital Consulting for Academia

Find My Admission Edutech Pvt. Ltd. Popularly known as FMA Digital is 100% subsidiary of InnoServ Group

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Cobuzz Digital Employer Branding& Storytelling for Corporate

CoBuzz is a highly specialised division of InnoServ Group which offer Creative Employer Branding

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KALZOOM Creative Digital Marketing Company

A leading Creative & Digital Marketing firm that collaborates closely with marketing teams to empower them in achieving success

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iSkillBox Empowering Futures, One Skill at a Time

Trusted platform for lifelong learning and professional growth, offering personalized skill development.

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iAccelerate Empowering your Business’ Growth

Growth and Consulting arm to empower businesses to excel with strategic and innovative growth solutions.

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Our Communities

ASMA Community Platform for Academia

Adoption of Social Media in Academia (ASMA) is an online platform which helps higher education institutes and universities harness

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ADMH Community Platform for Healthcare

Healthcare Industry is experiencing huge impact of Digital Innovation in every aspect. Healthcare professionals are evolving

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Digital HR Community Platform for HR Professionals

DigitalHR intends to emerge as the ultimate platform for HR Professionals to learn how to leverage the Power of Digital

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SMX Network A Global Community Platform for Sales and Marketeers

The SMX Network will emerge as one of the unique platforms for the enablement of the sales and marketing professionals.

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