Ramachandran Gopalakrishnan

“The Godfather”

Mr. Ramachandran Gopalakrishnan popularly known as GR is the Chairman of the Board of Innoserv Group. He also holds the position of Director at Keiretsu Forum – Mumbai Chapter, a popular Silicon Valley Based funding forum with 100 Chapter globally. GR comes with a solid 4 decade of experience out of which he’s largely devoted his 20 years as an investment banker and CEO in Corporate world.

His body of work is as elaborate as his name. Fortune 500 companies like the Times Group, Reliance Capital, Citibank India, JM Morgan Stanly, EY, Ranbandy, etc take his word as worth. He has spent the later 20 years as a serial entrepreneur having invested In 14 start-ups in a sector agnostic manner and exited in 8 of them as multi beggars successfully. He holds varied experience in diver’s fields and sectors including fitness, wellness, retail, finance, sports tech and digital marketing to name a few. At InnoServ, he’s constantly sharing his deep insight into the industries we serve and possesses diverse knowledge of strategy, finance, and operations.