Rahul Jain

“The strategist and community growth amplifier”

Rahul has been at the helm of InnoServ Group of Companies since its birth in 2013. He’s a strategist who puts his mind and sharp analytical skills to improve business performance, whether that means creating new products or reimagining current processes. Under his able leadership, InnoServ has taken a giant leap of success in forefronting domains in Education, Healthcare, Automobile, Digital Employer Branding and Real Estate in India.

He’s an excellent orator or you could well say “golden-mouthed” when it comes to delivering impactful speeches in the national and international markets. For him, speed, agility and quality of delivering challenging assignments, remain resolute. Seeing a need for comprehensive online marketing services Rahul has evolved InnoServ a 360 group focusing on solutions for companies that are ready to grow.