Metaverse Marketing –The next frontier to shape digital experiences

Metaverse marketing is geared up for rapid growth that will open up opportunities worth $678.80 billion US dollars by 2030. Here’s what we have transformed ourselves into.

InnoServ Group is proud to announce the launch of (M9), a Metaverse Marketing Agency to help businesses harness the power of NFTs, Blockchain, AR/VR & more.

Gopalakrishna Ramachandra, Chairman of InnoServ Group said, “COVID19 pandemic has accelerated digital adoption worldwide. Taking a leaf from Startrek, Web 3.0 is the next technology frontier that has caught everyone’s attention, and Meta9 aims to be one of the first agencies to boldly deliver truly immersive experiences that extend from physical and virtual.

Metaverse delimits the physical constraints and presents limitless growth opportunities across industry verticals like Gaming, Retail, Fashion, Travel, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Media & Entertainment, and more. This emerging phase will revitalize business models and reimagine key areas like branding, customer experience, product innovation, HR, employee onboarding, operations, and more.

Big brands like Facebook, Walmart, Disney, Gucci, Prada, Microsoft, and celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Paris Hilton, Lady Gaga, Daler Mehndi have already started investing and experimenting in the Metaverse.

Nimil Tiwari, CEO of Meta9 Corp says, “We are truly excited about this launch. NFTs, Crypto, DeFi, Blockchain, and the Metaverse are no longer mere buzzwords. Businesses the world over are figuring out innovative ways to embrace Web 3.0 and reshape customer experiences. Meta9 aims to simplify Metaverse Marketing and maximize business impact through Web 3.0 Marketing.

As one of our first customers, Meta9 Corp has helped ORAI Robotics (a global conversational AI Platform) launch a first-of-its-kind Corporate NFTs which were gifted to its employees and key stakeholders.

Founded in 2013, InnoServ Digital has been at the forefront of providing 360-degree digital marketing solutions having impacted 400+ well-respected conglomerates and brands across Healthcare, Automotive, Real Estate, Education & Technology verticals. Thus, moving to Metaverse is the logical extension. experts will impact businesses with services such as Content Marketing, Community Building, Influencer Marketing, Discord Setup & Moderation, Telegram Marketing, Twitter Management, Public Relations, Exchange Listings and more.

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