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Full Time
Posted 3 years ago

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

We are looking for a young and vibrant Copywriter to take the Lead of our team. Someone who is an out of the box thinker and creative with his ideas and how to execute them.


  • Excellent command over English language. Expert in writing skills, imaginative concepts and proofreading abilities. Ability to write attention-grabbing and hard-hitting copy that clearly puts the message across
  • Should be good with concepts and script writing for TVCs digital films, Corporate AVs, Product videos, Explainer videos, within deadlines.
  • Well versed with Social media posts & content, client presentation write-ups, including merciless proof checking.
  • Developing concepts for advertising or promotional campaigns
  • Pitching ideas to clients if working for an agency or present to directors if working in-house
  • Negotiating with clients to amend ideas in line with their wishes and explain what is and is not possible
  • Keeping clients abreast of progress and answering their questions.
  • Storyboarding or translating ideas to the creative team of art directors, designers, visualizers and video editors.
  • Leading multiple projects from conception to completion in accordance with deadlines
  • Evaluating and, if necessary altering, the content of projects before completion
  • Hiring, developing and managing the copywriters team
  • Ensuring all the organization’s or client’s visuals are consistent with the overall brand
  • Steering or writing scripts
  • Overseeing photo or TV shoots
  • Sign off projects before they are presented to the client
  • Creative/Out-of-the-Box thinking.


Work Experience & Required Skills

  • Creativity skills:First and foremost he/she must be good at creating concepts for others to work on. They must have a keen awareness of current trends in advertising and graphic design.
  • Communication and presentation skills: They need excellent communication (written and verbal) and confident presentation skills in order to pitch ideas to clients or internal leadership team and also explain their ideas to members of their creative team.
  • Interpersonal skills:Excellent interpersonal skills are a must. They need a clear creative vision while remaining open to others’ ideas.
  • Leadership skills: He / She needs leadership skills in order to hire, develop and oversee their creative team.
  • Digital and graphic design skills: Extensive knowledge of graphic design and relevant software is vital. Familiarity with film-making techniques is very useful. Video editing and HTML skills are usually needed.
  • Between 04 – 08 experience working in the advertising, marketing or design sectors.
  • Supervisory experience, including leadership, team-building and delegation, is an advantage because He/She has to manage a creative team.


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